Yom Kippur Diary

Daniela Ema Aguinsky

About Daniela Ema Aguinsky

My name is Daniela Ema Aguinsky and I am form Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born in 1993 and studied film and literature. I directed the shorts Virtual Guard (BAFICI 2019), Hurricane Berta (Asterisco 2020) and several others. I write poetry and also translate it from hebrew and english, currently working on the books of Ellen Bass. I have just won The National Poetry Prize Storni in Argentina, and I tend to express my jewish identity in my work and I love it.

About Yom Kippur Diary

“Yom Kippur Diary” Sinopsis: On Yom Kippur, the holiest day for the Jewish people, Daniela seeks connection and community in the virtual synagogue. A diary of the Day of forgiveness in times of Covid.I really want to share this video piece with Shmita. I did it last Yom Kipur, and it was my best try to connect with my community and God during this pandemic times. It was hard not being present in the conventional way. Two weeks ago my Rabbi, the one of the video, Baruj Plavnik passed away. This virtual moment was the last we shared together. Thank you for watching. Daniela.