When Less is More: The Shemita Episode

Rabbi Jen Gubitz

, Rabbi Jodie Gordon

OMfG Podcast

About Rabbi Jen Gubitz

OMfG: What a wonderful four letter word. Those four letters can say so much in so little time, whether expressing joy or grief, excitement or disappointment, delight and sorrow, impatience or urgency – truly the breadth of human experience.As rabbis, we know that when the stories of our lives meet the stories of Jewish tradition, transformation / growth / something awesome occurs.

About When Less is More: The Shemita Episode

It’s Cheshvan, the Hebrew month when rabbis heave a sigh of relief and thank God for a lighter calendar. And speaking of a lighter calendar, the rabbis JG are kicking of season 2 with a dive into the wisdom behind Shmita, the practice of a once-every-seven-years sabbatical. So, take a break (no pun intended) and join us for an energetic conversation on the holiness in doing less.https://www.omfgpodcast.com/episodes/when-less-is-more-the-shmita-episode