Up in Flames

Cindy Ostroff

About Cindy Ostroff

I am passionate about printmaking.It is the creative tension in printmaking that draws me in and motivates me to pursue my artistic path. Inspiration can arise in an instant, often provoked by light, shadow, texture, or color. But then the long processes in printmaking slow me down, forcing me to be patient as I experiment with images and techniques. I find that this creative tension is what keeps me open to the greatest surprise and artistic potential in my work.Equally intriguing is the intersection of traditional printmaking practices and newer technologies. I have found a wide range of ways to exploit the print process. I am also experimenting with a range of papers, collage, stencils, monotypes, and paper weaving. During the pandemic, I have included many new processes including working with recycled and found objects.

About Up in Flames

Up in Flames is a multiple color etching, created using the yellow background, and then printing an etched plate in 2 colors, rotating it 180 degrees for the second color. I printed this during the wildfires in California in 2018 which, sadly, continue to this very moment. This print gave me a surprise when I pulled the final pass. Though I did not intend for it to literally convey fire, the mix of transparent colors resulted in a moving image of flames. When I think of the concept of “shmita” I think of giving the earth a rest from the elements. Clearly the drought and wildfires in California are wreaking havoc with enormous consequences to all who live here. My hope for the New Year is that people will become active as never before so we can save our beautiful state before it is too late.