Tour To The Wonderful –

Mindy and Jeff Glickman

About Mindy and Jeff Glickman

When we met life took a turn to the wonderful! I’m a flutist and entrepranuer. Jeff, leads a congregation. We’re involved in civic and religious endeavors, invent games and enjoy travel. In January we drove cross country in an RV named Seymour on a quest to better understand distinct needs of local communities.

About Tour To The Wonderful –

The shmita year has the goal of getting us better in touch with our land, reaching out to the disenfranchised, and using chesed to give people another chance. At its core is the concept “we are all in this together.” It helps us to realize that the fences which divide what is yours from what is mine are mostly illusory. Our country is in desperate need of a shmita year. There is so much hurt, and especially isolation, fear and division. Inspired by our faith, and the teachings of shmita and tzedaka, we set out to bridge divides, get in touch with our land and plant seeds of chesed. Tour To The Wonderful ignited an intiative we call GLeE – Giving Locally, Everywhere. GLeE is simple to take part in. 1) Find a map, choose a random place and make a random donation! 2) The fun part happens when you call the recipient to let them know have selected their project! Tour To The Wonderful podcast documents the experience: