The Sound of Shmita

Ethan Blake

About Ethan Blake

I am a writer, educator, and chef who has lived across the United States and currently lives in Europe. I am most often spotted riding a bicycle, making ice cream, or smelling flowers on someone’s private lawn.

About The Sound of Shmita

Shmita is most often analyzed for its socioeconomic and agricultural significance, which I have previously written about in articles for Civil Eats, Mold, and Salon. Because Shmita is an extension of the Sabbath (and Jobel an extension of Shmita), I am curious about how we may practice certain Sabbath rituals in an idealized Shmita year, especially for laws that differ greatly among observance levels. I am particularly interested in the nuances of listening to music during Shabbat and Shmita, for which there is little Talmudic commentary but frequent discussion among friends and colleagues in my life. I hoped to use this writing opportunity to sit and dwell with my present complex relationship with music.