The Shmita Capsule

Valerie Brown

, Rabbi Sarah Tasman

The Tasman Center

About Valerie Brown

The Tasman Center offers opportunities for those seeking meaningful, accessible, and personalized Jewish experiences. We specialize in Jewish mindfulness and creative expression, weaving them into our community classes & gatherings, spiritual coaching and rabbinic support. We welcome participants who are exploring Judaism, new to Jewish practice, part of an interfaith Jewish couple or family, or if you have been Jewish your whole life and are looking to deepen your practice.

About The Shmita Capsule

In the Shmita Year Capsule kit, participants will receive a deck of cards with reflection and activity prompts as well as stickers with a Shmita Year Capsule logo. In order to align with an interest in sustainable practices, we are asking participants to upcycle a box or bag to use as their physical time capsule. The stickers are then used to designate and decorate participants’ chosen capsule containers. Participants are encouraged to add things to the capsule that represent the last seven years, including journals, keepsakes, letters, or photos. In addition to collecting things for the time capsule, the card deck is designed to enhance and guide your reflection on the past seven years. The prompts will help participants to take stock, to consider how the themes of Shmita can apply to their lives now, and help live the Shmita Year in a way that makes this a meaningful experience. The use of the card deck is flexible – we encourage participants to keep a journal throughout the year, occasionally drawing cards from the deck to supplement their journaling with a question and activity. Participants looking for more structure can schedule calendar reminders to complete a card prompt. Further resources and opportunities to connect virtually will be available on our website.