The Reset Baton

Dvir Cahana

About Dvir Cahana

I am a musician and a rabbi in training at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. My creativity lives at the intersection of Jewish education, community building, and art. I founded The Amen Institute, where artists and rabbis come together to inspire the creation of sermons and art work, in order to create a platform for Jewish artists to explore their identities and share their wisdom to the wider Jewish Community. I received an M.A. in Jewish Studies from McGill University, founded the Moishe House in Montreal and currently sits on the regional advisory board as a resident at the Moishe House in Harlem. I received the Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 recognition for launching The Amen Institute.

About The Reset Baton

This song looks at all of the different relevant themes of the Torah and attempts to portray how all of it is a reflection of connecting us with our creator and re-articulating our own sense of property and possession. This piece looks at Shmitta from the perspective as a retreat from the materialistic in a spiritual and metaphysical sense but simultaneously brings the pressing conversation of the climate crisis to the forefront. Different proofs for this articulation can be seen with the idea of creation being a microcosm for shmitta, how we are first commanded to protect nature, the culmination of Genesis being its own shmitta process that Joseph brings forth to the rest of the world, the core tenet of the torah being one where we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, and finally how the Torah is received in a section where the Torah unpacks the connection of propietary human exploitation and the deep need to distance ourselves from materialistic pursuits. This song is a fun pop song that accentuates the exciting institution of Shmitta and this fun energy is one that translates to an anthemic cry to be more compassionate and loving to humans and animals and all of mother nature.
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