The Neighborhood Cat Did Not Disappear

Zoe Stricker

About Zoe Stricker

I am an M.F.A. candidate at Bennington College, and have loved writing since I first learned how to scribble. I am specifically interested in Jewish Fiction; curious about what the genre is, how it is changing, and what the two reflect about the Jewish community at large. I live in San Francisco with my dog, Fizz.

About The Neighborhood Cat Did Not Disappear

This coming of age story about the tradition of Shavuot, a holiday very near and dear to me, seems relevant to Shmita as it is a story about a really beautiful, and in many ways, overlooked, Jewish practice. The night of learning associated with this Jewish holiday demonstrates the intellectual component that is so central to what it means to be culturally Jewish, and I wanted this coming of age story to reflect that moral and intellectual growth that stems from this tradition.