The music of universe

Rada Bukhman

About Rada Bukhman

Rada Bukhman was born into an artistic family in Omsk, Russia. She began exploring the world through art since her adolescence learning piano and art professionally.Rada participated in several gallery exhibitions in Israel, Canada and the United States. Her paintings are part of several private collections in North America, USA and Europe. Member of multiple Houston artist associations.”My paintings are creations born of a fervent and infinite love affair between music and the fine art.Through the years, my un-captured-by-sheet-music perception of melody or, if you like, my insight into the melody by way of color had gradually matured toward a penchant to transmit sound into a tangible color pallet upon the canvas. My life is closely connected with Eretz Israel. I often depict life of this country, it’s people ,and architecture”

About The music of universe

The pause in music piece allows us, the audience, to create our own “music”, entirely randomly and uniquely, by listening to the noises around us.