“The moon and the river” and “Hope”

Silvina Mizrahi

About Silvina Mizrahi

I’m a visual artist from Argentina living in Boston. I like to work with different media and materials, including collage and acrylic in my paintings and bronze, wax and recycled materials in my sculptures.I enjoying creating community art projects and public art. I truly believed in art as a tool to heal us, to connect us, to embrace our differences and furthermore as a tool to allow us to express our joy and gratitude towards our planet and humankind. I was invited to exhibit my work in galleries and Museum Nationally and Internationally. I grew up in a small town in the North of Argentina in an environment that merged argentinian culture and Jewish traditions. I’m fortuned to have Sepahradic and Ashkenakezi grandmas. I lived in Israel before coming to the US.

About “The moon and the river” and “Hope”

“The moon and the river” is a mixed media collage with recycled materials, pompons, acrylic paint, ribbons (from my father old store in Argentina) and a paper boat. The painting evoke a personal pray to the land, a poem written with colors and textures to express the beauty and harmony that nature offer to us. “Hope” is a bronze sculpture created in wax with a real sunflower. It symbolizes rebirth, renewal and hope after a period of rest.