Sunset at Sea

Lily Reiser

About Lily Reiser

I am 9 years old. I like doing art about sunsets. I am very strong about my culture. I am sweet, kind, very outgoing, and I love meeting new people.

About Sunset at Sea

My painting reminds me of Shmita because when you look at the sunset you just want to sigh a huge sigh of relief. The sunset makes me feel relaxed and happy inside. I know that the day will be over soon so if I had a bad day I can always start fresh tomorrow. Also the sea makes me feel Shmita because when the waves crash upon the shore it makes me feel really calm and relaxed. When I am at the beach it always calms me down to look at the sunset and to feel my feet in the sand. I don’t know if you can see but in my picture I drew some foam near the beach. That also makes me feel Shmita because I know that the foam near the beach is from the thrashing waves and I know that the thrashing waves are over because of the sunset. I also drew a boat out in the water because it makes me feel Shmita when a boat is out in the water because that means it is calm enough to have a boat and I know that the people on the boat are watching the sunset. It’s really just the sunset and the setting of being on the beach that makes me feel Shimta. The beach is where I feel Shmita the most.