Still, Small Voice

Emma Tuttleman-Kriegler

About Emma Tuttleman-Kriegler

Emma Tuttleman-Kriegler – Writer, videographer, director, producer. Emma is a creative Jewish artist with passions for regenerative agriculture, food justice, and healing. Cleo Person – Dancer, writer. Cleo is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher and has taught dance across the country.Morgan Hollingsworth – Original music composition, vocals. Morgan writes music for various musicals, short films, dance pieces, his folk-rock band Satin Nickel, and his own solo singer/songwriter work.Stefan Wendel – Harp. Stefan began playing harp at six years old, and is inspired by sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, and social innovation. Becca Meyers – Lead vocals. Becca is a multinational theatre artist, actor, producer, writer, and activist committed to accessibility, education, and opportunities for BIPOC youth.Danny Meyers – Supporting vocals. Danny is a software engineer by day, and operatic performer by night. He has toured in multinational productions.Craig Lambert – Flute. Craig Lambert is a heartfelt musician. When not doing yoga or playing the flute, Craig is a relationship therapist. Jeff Meyers – Cello. Jeff is a retired US Navy pilot, classically trained cellist, and leads the youth choir and band at his congregation in San Diego.Liv Isaacs-Nollet – Choreography. Liv is a company member with Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater.

About Still, Small Voice

“Still, Small Voice” grew out of Emma Tuttleman-Kriegler and Cleo Person’s employment at Coastal Roots Farm, where most of the music video is filmed. Coastal Roots Farm is a nonprofit Jewish community farm and education center in San Diego, CA. The farm cultivates healthy and connected communities by integrating regenerative agriculture, food justice, and ancient Jewish wisdom. More than half of the food grown on the farm gets donated to community members that need it most. If won, Emma will donate all the Shmita Prizes contest earnings to Coastal Roots Farm, promoting equitable food access and in San Diego.Emma and Cleo wanted to amplify many of San Diego’s unique voices in this work. At least quarter of its population being immigrants, San Diego is a truly diverse community. They embraced the challenge of celebrating this diversity by incorporating Spanish and Hebrew lyrics and captions into the music video. “Still, Small Voice” is a tribute to the radicle nature of Shmita. Shmita encourages us to seek justice, “Tzedek Tirdof,” by allowing land to rest, cancelling debts, and sharing what we glean with our neighbors. The title comes from the still, small voice within all of us, the voice that tells us to rest, have patience, and listen.The composer, Morgan Hollingsworth, wanted a song that feels like a meditation, calling us back to the Earth and our roots by using acoustic and natural instruments. Assembling an incredible team of musicians on vocals, harp, flute, and cello, the song provides a simple accompaniment to underscore this time of rest and renewal. By uniting music, dance, and language with the Earth, “Still, Small Voice” calls for cultures to come together so that we may “hear in peace how gently we grow.”