Eliyahu Boxer

About Eliyahu Boxer

I am a 19 year old religious, self-taught artist. I was born in the United States and made Aliyah with my family when I was one and a half years old. I live my life through the lens of curiosity. Everything fascinates me. I approach my art with an open mind and an open heart. Every painting is an exciting journey of discovery; when I start a painting I never know where it will take me. My essence is that of an optimist. I believe in and see the good in myself, in others, and in the world that God created. This is a theme that runs throughout all of my artwork. My hope is that my art invokes in others the joy that I put into it.

About Spring

“Spring,” 150 x 200 cm, acrylic, ink and gold leaf on canvas. “Spring” is a story that talks about the renewal of the land, in the absence of man’s hand upon it. Spring refers both to the season and the action. After the start of Shmita in Tishrei, now in springtime the land has begunto blossom and flourish. The mother horse and her foal are riderless, indicating man’s absence from the land.Both the foal and the flowers have a buoyant quality to them, having been given by man the time and space for renewal. As a whole, the painting is an expression of the land rejoicing in it’s gift of Shmita.