Slow Sunrise

Lilly Engel

About Lilly Engel

I am an Ashkenazi Jew, I’m a competitive level 7 gymnast. I go to Epstein every Tuesday night, which is where I made this submission. I was recently Bat Mitzvah, in late September.

About Slow Sunrise

About the piece – This piece of art is relevant to Shmita because it shows the sun rising to show that it is a new day, and new growth in the land. The tree symbolizes that the world needs rest, since the branches are bare. The number 7 is also present in the leaves and grass stalks, representing that every 7 years the land needs rest. The leaves are blowing in the wind, showing that everything must come to an end. The tree roots spread into the ground, providing the world with life, old and new. The tree stands strong in the ground, remaining strong through many years. But the leaves fall of the branches each autumn and winter, they almost always grow back in spring, stronger than before.