Aaron Kohn

About Aaron Kohn

My name is Aaron Kohn. I am a tallit artist residing in Brooklyn NY. I create unique tallesim that utilize indigenous artwork, fabrics and craftsmanship from around the world. The one of a kind fabrics include vicuña, Kashmir, and other fibers dyed with natural dyes and tcheles procured from an artisan residing in Tunisia. The pandemic brought a renewed sense of meaning in my life, where I could focus on my Tallis making and connect with people of all stripes (no Pun Intended) who are integral to the process of making the garments. Soon my shop will be live online to share this unique ritual functional art with the world.

About Shmitallis

My most recent Tallis is intimately connected with the Shmita. As someone who works multiple jobs and has multiple projects going on, I have little time to rest aside from Shabbat. This pandemic offered me a glimpse into how to take a year of rest for my mind, for my soul, and for my body. The Talis I created is called Rest. It is crafted from vicuña fiber, which is hand woven in the Andes by skilled craftspeople, often women. The vicuña fibers are the softest on earth, which allows the wearer to feel like they are receiving a soft, gentle hug from the divine. The Tallis is an experiential piece which brings peace and rest to all who wear it. There is an extreme lack of rest in this world, and as people connect to the physical softness of the Tallis, the can also connect to the spiritual softness and rest that HaShem provides on Shabbat and the shmita year.