Shmitah Brick By Brick

Levi Selig

, Simon Zeitlin, Eitan Marx

Oakland Hebrew Day School

About Levi Selig

We are three friends in the middle school at a very small day school. We chose to work together because we are all friends and have lots of suggestions for each other. Our school is very small so we all get along and know everyone. This year our teachers offered a course on shmita. We were all very interested in the subject so we signed up for the class. After learning about shmita and diving into the many rules and rituals of it we were all inspired. For the project we made a stop-motion animation that I hope you will enjoy

About Shmitah Brick By Brick

Hello, our names are Levi, Simon, and Eitan. We go to Oakland Hebrew Day School. And in our class about Shmita we entered this video into your competition. We decided to make a stop-motion animation about the balance between traditionally practicing shmita and finding ways to follow it more loosely. Yankele is trying to find his balance. He is a farmer in a time when he is uncertain what to do. He feels the need to work but also the need to follow the Torah the way he was taught. This feels connected to how we live in the 21st century in these times of uncertainty and in covid-19.