Shmita Year 5782 art panel

Inna Rogatchi

About Inna Rogatchi

Inna Rogatchi is internationally acclaimed artist, art historian, art curator, writer and film-maker. Various themes of Jewish spirituality and Jewish heritage are important for the artist. Inna’s projects The Route and Shining Souls was exhibited internationally widely, including special solo exhibitions at the European Parliament, and several European national parliaments. Her projects on Jewish symbolism also widely internationally exhibited, and had a high appreciation in Italy, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries. Inna is author of The Tribes. The Sons of Israel project. The artist works on several special multi-disciplinary projects combining intellectual studies of Judaism with creation new artistic collections. These projects include several series of special art studies of Jewish mysticism, Bereishit project in two volumes. Part of these collections will be shown at the exhibition at the Jerusalem Theatre in Israel. Inna also is the author of several artistic series reflecting the Holocaust, as well as the Loyfers ( Lullabies) series of lyrical works on Jewish tradition, and special project Celebration of Jewish Talent. She is the author of Duet of Loving Kindness about Jewish values in a family. More about the artist and her work – at the site.

About Shmita Year 5782 art panel

Shmita Year 5782 (70 x 70 cm, 2021) work is a special art panel created in the artist’s signature technique. In its technique, the art panel is original drawing in Caran d’Ache Neopastel on Inna’s own original authored pigment print on Hahlemuchle 308 mg cotton paper mounted on board. Inna has produced her original authored print of her own artistic collage featuring Israeli/Jerusalem pomegranates, one of the most meaningful and beautiful symbols of Judaism and its spiritual dimension that the artist loves and portrays in many various ways in her works. The work has been done and dedicated to the Shmita Year 5782 year specifically as the words of this says which forms a special ornament all over the artwork. In the centre, there is the image of Israeli/Jerusalem pomegranate in its contemporary and artistic form which has been created by the artist in accordance with her vision – and nature of this ultra-special fruit of Eretz Israel, full of meaning and beauty. The work suggest celebration of Shmita year in general, and Shmita year 5782 in particular as the artist wanted to create a meaningful and aesthetically aspiring artwork to celebrate Shmita Year 5782.