Shmita, the Seventh Year

Alan Gotlib

About Alan Gotlib

I am a retired elementary school teacher living in Toronto, Canada. I am very involved with the Danforth Jewish Circle, a progressive congregation in Toronto. I connect with Judaism through music and am very active in this community, helping with Shabbat services, leading Shiva services and preparing B’nei Mitzvah with Torah reading preparation. I also enjoy sewing men’s shirts and ties with my label, “Fashion by Feigele.”

About Shmita, the Seventh Year

I co-led a family service for Rosh Hashanah. My co-leader and I were looking for a song about Shmita with which young children could relate. We could not find one, so I composed this song. It was important to talk about relationships with neighbours and friends and promote a sense of community and helping others. I taught the children the chorus before singing the entire song. They joined in with each chorus.
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