Shmita Shin

Aaron Koster

About Aaron Koster

I was an Advertising Art Director for over 20 years. I am married. Two children, 3 Grandchildren.My Jewish art is most meaningful to me now. It is only in recent years that I’ve discovered how deeply satisfying it is for me. It is through this art that I am hoping to rediscover my roots. Who I am. What do I believe. What is real for me.

About Shmita Shin

Shmita Shin, a twig in the shape of the Hebrew letter Shin ( seen upside down ), is seeming to balance itself on its hands. It stood like this, in my pathway one morning, as I was walking. This was before the Shmita Prizes 2021 was announced. I thought it was unusual, in my mind even perhaps spiritual, that it hadn’t fallen over, so I took it home with me. My Shmita Shin measures 4″ high by 5.5″ wide. It now occupies a prominent place on my bedroom dresser. It symbolizes to me balance and equilibrium. This symbol for Shmita could be on a Shabbat table. Or on a Purim table. Hanukkah. Tu b’shevat. Shavuot. Ideally, you will find your own Shmita Shin and adjust it by clipping it to whatever size is desirable to you. Shmita Shins may possibly be replicated in wooden material to look like real twigs. They would represent everything that is in balance or endeavoring to be in balance. Everything! Families. Businesses. The Forests. Oceans, Farms, the Universe. All of life.