Shmita in my perspective

Lily Reiser

About Lily Reiser

I am a 9 year old girl from Long Island. I am kind, generous, and sweet and I really like reading.

About Shmita in my perspective

I am saying what Shmita is in my opinion.

Shmita is the feeling of letting go and having the feeling of peace and trying to make a difference. This year Shmita is on September 6th. On Shmita we try to help earth and help God. Every seven days, on Shabbat, people and animals are supposed to rest. A similar thing applies to the land. According to the Torah, land must be allowed to rest every 7 years. Shmita is important to the world because every once in a while it needs rest and Shmita gives it time to rest. Shmita is important to me because it gives me time to stop and relax and enjoy the world around me. In my opinion Shmita is mindfulness and being mindful of the world around you. The word Shmita means release and Shmita is letting go of your feelings. I think Shmita is important because everyone can relax and feel calm and at ease. I think a lot of people are grumpy and overworked so Shmita helps them calm down and be happy again. In conclusion, in my opinion the whole world could use Shmita.