Shmita Honey and More

Susan L. Brown

About Susan L. Brown

I am a veteran artist, curator and educator who has volunteered in the Jewish Community of Toronto for many years. I have led cemetery tours for the Ontario Jewish Archives, supporting their heritage and educational initiatives. After retiring from teaching I have focussed my time and effort on management of local Jewish cemeteries and I continue to develop as a visual artist. I exhibit my works in group and solo shows in Toronto and Southern Ontario. My current work reflects photographic images that I capture as I travel. When I manipulate these images into photo-montages on my computer they become art.

About Shmita Honey and More

Among the many ideas related to Shmita I have concentrated on the relevance of a restorative rest; a time for patience and anticipation; and an opportunity to support the whole community by sharing resources in a time of diminished resources. The Photomontage I have created is based on a visit to a local Fall Harvest festival in Toronto during Covid 19. The composition is divided into three zones, implying the passage of time where the central area encloses a child anticipating a reward, or a gift.This freeze-framing of the child implies the time before an anticipated time, the current waiting and finally a return to other activities.