Shmita , Hamsa

Cindy Lutz Kornet

About Cindy Lutz Kornet

I am an artist, a Jewish Artist, a free spirit with a love for art, spirit;ity, Judaism and children. I believe in oneness , a universal whole, human potential, kindness , compassion and JOY!!I have been creative always, started out making wearable art handbags and designing Jewelry. I taught art for 15 LYA in Longmeadow, Mass. I taught art as life, a way to express a gamut of emotions, creative problem solving, personal growth and a path to inner self. I used ritual objects, holidays, life cycle events, Marsha and all things Torah as inspiration. I aimed to help each student find his/her /their unique inner voice. I have been painting for 10 years now. All my work expresses my feelings, my experience and my deeper higher perspective. All is soulful, much is Judaic. Viewers feel uplifted by my work and that makes we feel incredibly happy.

About Shmita , Hamsa

My first painting tells a great deal of the Shmita story from taking the time for resting, organisms enriching the soil, needy benefiting from what grows naturally and the benefits of the whole. I put the second piece on a Hamsa because our hands represent our souls desires to do the mitzvahs and create tangible objects. The blessing for me is truly in the process and then in the product for others to see, feel and react to. Our hands are our tools thru which our love and intentions flow. I thank G-d daily for the way I have been able to use my hands to help make the world a better place.