Shmita 7th Candle of the Branch

Char Vanderhorst

About Char Vanderhorst

Artist’s Statement “I enjoy painting nature – striving to capture beauty in its purest form. Painting landscapes connects me to the natural sacredness of the earth. I love to incorporate symbols of plants, water, skies, and trees that represent healing, life, wisdom and harmony. My passion and vision also is to paint images that portray my heritage, as well as other cultures. Communicating the ancient history and ethnic beauty, in my artwork.” CURRENT MEMBERSHIPS Betzalel Arts, The Calgary Sketch Club, Alberta Council of Ukrainian Arts, Gallea Media 2017 Wpg@rt – Char Vanderhorst – YouTube

About Shmita 7th Candle of the Branch

The 7th candle is the completion of the menorah here. All seven candles are relevant and the 7 th light gives unity of all 7 candles bringing completion and rest . As similar to the 7th Shmita year bringing rest and completion for the land. The lights become one and more beautiful combined.! The seventh year completes the beautiful purpose of Shmita. This menorah was inspired by Exodus 25:31-40 it is as an almond tree.