Shelter of Peace (Hashkiveinu): A Gate-Fold Card

Sue Kaplan

About Sue Kaplan

I was a special collections librarian who discovered letterpress printing as an avenue to explore my Jewish heritage. I established my press, Shulamis Press, to discover and make available in limited edition, fine press editions. I have a Rosh Hashanah card series that represent my identity and connection to the Jewish New Year.

About Shelter of Peace (Hashkiveinu): A Gate-Fold Card

SHELTER OF PEACE (HASHKIVEINU) A GATE-FOLD CARD.8.25 x 5.75 in. Printed with Della Robbia in three colors. Opens up inside to a Sukkah (the traditional hut used during the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot) composed from various border and ornament metal type pieces. hHandset with metal type and and-printed on Somerset black paper on the Albion Press. Shmita is a sharing of bounty. The prayer of peace offers hope and safety to all who need, the Sukkah experience reminds of impermanency in a world and that Adonai offers it prayer to all of us. Therefore the grace of Adonai makes us look forward to the year of Shmita to return to Adonai and thank him for our fortunes.