Rosh Hashana set

Zsuzsa Ujj

About Zsuzsa Ujj

I am a ceramic artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary, where there is a flourishing Jewish community. I have started to work as an art teacher in Benjamin Jewish Kindergarten 11 years ago, which has been the beginning of my Jewish journey. I wanted to connect the kid’s art activities to the Jewish holidays, which meant a visual approach in the first round, of course with a lot of research and studies. All this naturally started to result in creating Jewish ritual pieces in my ceramic and porcelain workshop. I started to sell these in Judaica shops in Budapest, and after a visit to Israel In 2016 I realized that my works may be worth showing to a larger public, and opened my Etsy shop JudaicaHungarica. This proved to be a good idea, because during the long Covid quarantine all outsiders were banned from the Kindergarten, except the really basic collegues. So I had some more time to concentrate on designing pieces for Hidur Mitzvot, and I may claim that my Judaica pieces have saved the living of my family.

About Rosh Hashana set

The porcelain pieces I am submitting is a set for the Rosh Hashana table, all of them inspired by the pomegranate fruit. The large plate for serving apples, a honey jar with a cute small honey dipper, a pair of pomegranate candleholders, and a pomegranate vase, all of them decorated with bright red glaze and gold chinapaint.My goal is to create heirloom pieces which can connect generations. Therefore I am trying to catch a style that is both contemporary and timeless.Porcelain, like most ceramic materials is neutral for the environment. The basic material is mined from the Earth, mixed with water, treated with fire. This latter may be a difficult point, since I am using an electric kiln for it, but I do hope these are going to be longlasting pieces, therefore more friendly to the environment than pieces made of ephemeral materials.