Jeffey Glickman

, Mindy Glickman

About Jeffey Glickman

Central to my rabbinate has always been uniting diverse people. I’ve served as town councillor, chaplain to both the police and fire departments. In the Rohyngya refugee camps in Bangladesh I helped establish a Community Kitchen. I’m a certified public school teacher, earned my MBA from UConn. My rabbinic ordination and Doctorate are from Hebrew Union College.  I’m a game inventor and children’s book author. Life took a turn to the wonderful when Mindy and I connected.

About RituWall

Shmita is about returning to your land of origin. It is a nationwide ritual which happens on the homestead.If there could be a spot in your home which brings you back to your roots, it would exemplify the values of shmita. This is the beauty and elegant simplicity of RituWall.Most homes have a wall with family photos. RituWall is a hole in that wall covered with a symbol representing a family value, like a Jewish star. RituWall has a slit in it, big enough to insert cards a little bigger than fortune cookie fortunes. When you feel close to an ancestor, you can place a note in the RituWall, and it becomes a part of the foundation of your home. If you want to remember Holocaust victims each year, you can “bring them into your own” by placing their name in the RituWall.When a child gets married, a part of the invitation can be inserted. It is a way to bring you back to your roots, and return to your origins.

RITUWALL – (Somber) Star of David