Rabbi during High Holy Days

Barbara Rothstein

About Barbara Rothstein

I am a Retired Ph D of Biology. I also have Art training. I also taught in Jewish Religious school I always wanted to carve wood. After an accident when I lost my husband and young son ,I was given the chance to open a science school for disadvantaged children. While planning the structure. I was introduced to the architect by friends in the school system Although I did not feel ready to meet. My psychologist said. Sometimes God does not wait until you feel ready Eventually we married snd I helped bring up his wonderful daughter and grew to know his sons Our 23 years together we wonderful. I list him to a rare genetic disease recently. He made me promise to keep working on our project to bring joy in the form of fine art and crafts to Jewish families this wall sculpture is one of a series

About Rabbi during High Holy Days

This flat backed wooden carved and wood burned sculpture of the Joyous Rabbi during the High Holy Days is made with a flat back to hang on a wall It is part of a collection for Jewish events