Arielle Stein

About Arielle Stein

I am a visual artist (and sometimes Rabbinical student) currently based in Tel Aviv. I received my BFA from New York University in 2014, with a concentration in drawing. I have exhibited my work in group and solo shows in the US, Germany and Israel-Palestine and have been published in Jewish Currents, PRTCLS, HCE Review and Barbed Magazine. In 2018, I was one of the inaugural participants with the New Jewish Culture Fellowship in Brooklyn and have spent time as artist in residence at the Stony Point Center. My work focuses on Rabbinic texts, the body/nature and the subconscious realm(s). I work mainly in drawing and wood sculpture.

About Pomegranate

I have made a series of paintings that reference the pomegranate, as it appears which Biblical and Midrashic texts. These ink drawings depict the shape of the fruit, while representing the expanses of the womb and the universe. Functioning as meditations on the lifecycle and the solar systems, these works draw connections between human experience of the known and unknown worlds. This work relates to Shmita because one way to understand this mode of giving the land a rest is that Shmita honors both the consumer and the consumed, giving space to known and unknown needs for respite, relaxation and reinvigoration.