Peaceful Break

Shulamit Midlarsky Lichtenfeld

About Shulamit Midlarsky Lichtenfeld

I have always loved art, I would love to be an artist when I can get a job. This has been the case for around 4-5 years now. I live in Rockland County, New York. I am the daughter of two Rabbis. My mother actually submitted a poem herself and encouraged me to submit artwork as well. I am a 10 year old member of the LGTBQ+ community. Since I learned about shmita I have become very interested in the topic. And therefore wanted to do this, to both help me on my journey to become an artist, and to connect to shmita. I believe this will help me achieve my desire to become a professional artist.

About Peaceful Break

I have always loved the idea of shmita, but I was only three when the first shmita year in my lifetime came. Now that I am ten I have on the whole understood shmita most definitely more than my three year old self. When the Rabbi at my synagogue delivered a sermon about shmita at the beginning of this shmita year, I listened intently. I was deeply fascinated by the speech. And now here I stand, actually doing something for shmita. Now the meaning of my picture is about a girl in a meadow taking a break. You can see her taking in the aroma of the flower. The taking a break part of this is inspired by my mother’s poem “I need a break.” Shmita is about a break, not only for the people but for the land as well. The meaning of this artwork is that it is sometimes hard to take a break, but sometimes it is needed. My picture shows a girl taking a much needed break. I believe that when you take a break you will feel it is worth it afterwards. The meadow symbolizes a break for the land too. Instead of the girl taking a break and watching television it is a girl on a meadow, taking in the fresh air. The flower symbolizes that shmita is important for both us humans and plants and animals