Ornamental Wall Shtender

Yehoshua Pineles

About Yehoshua Pineles

Yehoshua Pineles is a woodworking artist with a background of over ten years as an architect. Wanting to explore his interest further in the art of making and designing he moved to Rockport, Maine to study at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Yehoshua and his team creates ceremonial objects for Jews who want a unique and inspirational way to connect to their historic tradition. “We look for inspiration within the Bible, its associated laws and customs and the Kabbalah to help bring out the innate prominence that is inherent in the Jewish service.” Our mission is to explore the conceptual while functional, connecting contemporary art with ritual performance. Yehoshua splits his time developing Ritual Objects as well as leading the Woodworking Vocational Program at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway, NY.

About Ornamental Wall Shtender

The Shmitah year is an occasion that instills a deeper sense of faith and trust in God. Although it is primarily celebrated in a passive way, the Sabbatical is an opportune time for farmers in specific that invites more Torah studies. This in turn, deepens the connection with the Almighty and brings renewed blessings.The functionality of a Shtender, in particular, aids in establishing this connection. It is an angled platform that a Sefer/book can rest on, allowing the users to singularly focus their energies on the text. It is for that reason the Shtender has been universally embraced as a tool in all synagogues, study halls and many Jewish homes. Its essence is to enable learning. Often in these places, individuals use their personal Shtenders to help establish a מקום קבוע – a dedicated space, for learning and praying. We find in the Zohar (book of Jewish Mysticism) that God had to constrict himself in order to make space for the universe to exist and grow. When we learn Torah we subdue our ego and expand our mind. The Ornamental Wall Shtender explores this idea of rooting oneself in space, emulating the humble trees and vegetation who don’t question their Creator. The Shtender is affixed to the wall, creating a unique ד עמות – four cubits (a measure of personal space), that facilitates expansiveness. The Ornamental Wall Shtender is made of steel and its dimensions are 28” (l) x 18” (w) x 12” (h). It has a marbled patina finish and the floral designs are hand carved. It comes with a removable magnetic strip where a smaller Sefer/book can be used and displayed.