Ms. to all, Mom, Bubbie to only a select few, Kiddush Lady to many

B. Valerie Peckler

About B. Valerie Peckler

I have worked as a science teacher, editor, flower arranger and technical writer. I am currently working on several books of poetry and children’s books. I integrate science and Torah into much of my work. The challenges of our time make cameo appearances in some of my poems.Wildfires A poem about political extremism in an era of climate change.Wildfires Do not go to bedAt Night.Winds danceWith the flames,Racing across ridges,Ignoring Night and Day.Heedless of boundaries,Without pity.Ash cloudsCarry the message,“I will devour you tooGiven the chance.”- B. Valerie Peckler

About Ms. to all, Mom, Bubbie to only a select few, Kiddush Lady to many

I started with the prayer, Nishmat Kol Chai, and used the translation, “The breath of all life.” As a scientist, my view of the world includes the ecological interdependencies of all species, down to the molecular level. It is one of the birthplaces of Awe.Shmita adds the long view, adding the dimensions of time and justice. We are not permanent owners. We are responsible. We are connected and dependent with each breath we take. Shmita is part of the gift of Divine Concern for all creation that has been incorporated into the Jewish Wisdom Tradition.