Pleasance Silicki

About Pleasance Silicki

I am a woman, mother, community enthusiast, Rising Kohenet, and a student of life and death. I live in Washington, DC on Piscatway Land. I facilitate healing & sacred circles and teach brilliant undergraduates at American University. I love to create playlists for intuitive movement, share elemental healing practices rooted in ancient wisdom and explore healing and wholeness as a lifestyle commitment and devotional path. I am in awe of the ebbs and flows of life and see the power and transformative potential that is rising.


I created this piece in alignment with Shmitta practice, honoring the Netivot that we explore in Kohenet. The Mekonent, the Mourning Woman, is a representation of all that is for this year. A year of grieving and mourning, and honoring the past, present and future. On the back of this art piece, I wrote Chesvan 5782, and we spiral. And we cycle. Birth. Death. Rebirth. In this art piece, you can see the fingerprints of the souls and guides and ancestors who are here with us. During Shmitta, we get a chance to be in this grief, the release of what has been. To be soaked in grief. This year, I honor and embody the Mekonent. Standing in her power, her strength, her mourning. Allowing and inviting others to feel supported and strengthened by this practice of deep reverence towards the ones who grieve in community and for collective healing. Amen V’Amen.