Marla Buck Artist at Large

Marla Buck

About Marla Buck

A former professional dancer turned jewellery designer in NYC, selling to 800 stores world wide and designing collections for French and American couturiers, I realized that after accomplishing much, I was left feeling little. After 15 years of building a very successful but empty empire, I turned my talents towards making art that inspires, giving meaning and colour to a black and white world.

About Marla Buck Artist at Large

Although painting was my first love, I decided that ceramics was the medium that allowed me to reach a larger audience. I created a series of porcelain ‘Prayer Bowls’ and ‘Platters of Platitudes’, a way elevate daily mundane objects to works that provoke thought – nourishing the body, and feeding the soul. The Pomegranate Series, from which I am submitting a piece, is a group of pomegranates ranging in size, life cycle stage, and message. The pomegranate being one of the sacred fruits, contains 613 seeds, the seeds of Mitzvot. Each interior is glazed in 24 karat gold, echoing the inner walls of the Holies of Holies. The latest graffiti group, reflects the message of all things rich when revealed.During the Shmita year, the fruit ripens, and dries, but always retains the 613 Mitzvot.