Loving Everything Torah

Yehudit Chayil

About Yehudit Chayil

I am a fairly new artist. I have only been painting for 5 years. I enjoy painting a variety of scrapes, but I have a heart for my Jewish heritage. I have entered my art in Jewish shows and prefer the dynamics and atmosphere of Jewish cultural shows as they quiet my spirit and renew Jewish connections.

About Loving Everything Torah

When I see people dedicate or renew their lives to Torah, it reminds me of all of the times when YHVH commanded us to renew our learning of Torah every 7 years, to rest on the 7th day, to renew the land every 7 years.. Shmita. When we love YHVH and Torah with all our hearts we understand the importance of the renewal of 7’s. The patriarch in my painting embraces Torah and the peace and renwal that it brings when we Shema Israel.