Lilith Tempting Chavah

Cassandra Clark

About Cassandra Clark

My name is Cassandra Clark and I’m a mixed media artist living in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in a small town upstate and moved to Brooklyn for my conversion to Judaism. I studied art at SUNY Stony Brook and loved every minute of it. I found a passion for teaching art through teaching Jewish painting classes at Stony Brook Hillel. I’m currently pursuing graduate study in art teacher education. Besides art, my passions include sustainability, fashion, thrift shopping, cooking, animals, and making things beautiful.

About Lilith Tempting Chavah

This work, entitled “Lilith Tempting Chavah” is a piece that reflects the cattiness that happens when women turn against each other. In the artwork, Lilith is seen tempting Chavah with a beautiful apple. Chavah thinks the apple is good, however Lilith knows she will be blamed for the fall of man and womankind. Many people haven’t heard of Lilith, but everyone has heard of Chavah and what she did. During the ideal shmita year, women (and men) would not turn against each other. We’d support and build each other up, getting closer and closer to geula. This work is 16x2o inches, oil pastels on paper.