Let Go, Let Be

Jill Danenberg

About Jill Danenberg

Some colors fall in love with each other. Some can’t be together. Some inspire, provoke or calm. Some join to create a symphony. Others create chaos. I tell my stories through colors.

About Let Go, Let Be

This challah cover was created to honor Shabbat and the Shmita Year. Colorful boxes represent plots of land, lush green, floods of blue, blazes of red and orange. Blank boxes represent a clean slate, the chance to begin again, all things being equal. The background is wild and untamed. At its center are words from Exodus 23: 10-11, “Let it go. Let it be.” The cover itself is streaked with gold, connecting to the challah beneath it. It’s painted on silk, allowing the light to stream in. This challah cover can be reproduced on silk for wide distribution, dimensions 20×20 or 16×20.