In the Garden with You

Hanniel Levenson

About Hanniel Levenson

Rabbi Hanniel Levenson, was born in Haifa, Israel and his formative years were shaped in Manhattan, NYC. Hanniel received a B.A. in Religion & Art from New York University, a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from Bard College, and Rabbinical Ordination from The Academy for Jewish Religion. Hanniel was also a competitive gymnast for 15 years and is now a yoga teacher, painter and Surfer.Hanniel asks all free seekers and spiritual warriors to join him on the body-mind-soul train. Life is a journey in practices of playfulness, liberation, and cosmic wonder. Drawing upon the wisdom masters of the world’s traditions and cultivating the ritual architect potential in all.

About In the Garden with You

Every Seventh year our Torah calls upon us to not work the land. To let it rest, rejuvenate, heal. What would it be like if we, as a global community, took these teachings into our hearts and out into action. If we embodied the wisdom of Shmitah.Where we look at the earth as the source of all life in need of care and not a resource to be profited from. When we can look at all beings as children – all equal all holy – and do what is right and just. We might be able to experience a slice of Eden, or at least allow Eden to blossom for our future generations. Eden, is a memory and template of a time when we coexisted with each other, animals and the Earth. Our actions can draw Eden into our lives. We don’t have to go anywhere to find Eden – we can create it – allow it to emerge right here and now. Shmitah is an invitation to quest to see the divinity in the earth and the divinity within each of us. To witness the sacred in all, and allow this truth to lead us towards balance, sustainability, equality, justice. To live in the garden of Eden is to remember the possibility of paradise, and the potential to grow it here and now. Through our love for each other and the Earth.