Human Beings, not Human Doings

Paige Lincenberg

About Paige Lincenberg

Paige Lincenberg dwells on this earth as an ALEPH Rabbinical Student, receiving a specialized certificate in Earth-Based Judaism, as a certified yoga instructor, as the Student Rabbi (sole clergy) of Temple B’nai Israel, and most importantly, as a human being, not a human doing. Living in a Jewish intentional community in the middle of redwoods in Northern California, Paige deeply believes in the oneness of earth and all life. She serves as a mentor for Wilderness Torah’s outdoor youth program Bhootz and guides plant medicine journeys. When asked to describe either her relationship with Judaism or her relationship with nature, Paige often shares the old Hasidic tale of the rabbi’s wise son who would sneak off to the woods from shul to davven. When the rabbi does not understand his son’s choice to pray in the forest and confronts his child, declaring that “God is the same everywhere,” his smiling son profoundly responds “but I’m not.”For further connection, please drop into

About Human Beings, not Human Doings

A written proposal for a modern day shmita structure and experience.