From one mother to another

Alysse Rich

About Alysse Rich

Alysse (she/her) is an educator and artist living in Toronto, Canada. She holds a PhD in Drama, Theatre, and Performance studies and works as a dramaturg and a college instructor. She is also the Director of Education at a progressive synagogue, and is currently launching an online Jewish art and Judaica shop to serve her neighbourhood. Alysse is involved as a volunteer with the National Havurah Committee, the local food bank, and other arts organizations. She is also a parent of small and hilarious humans. You can connect with Alysse at

About From one mother to another

In learning about Shmita, I have been struck by the ways in which we talk about rest. As both a parent and an artist, I have been thinking deeply about what rest really means – in the context of Shmita as well as in modern life and parenthood. What can I, as a mother, learn about rest from this year and from the ultimate Mother?