Everything is already created

Daniela Ema Aguinsky

About Daniela Ema Aguinsky

My name is Daniela Ema Aguinsky and I am form Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born in 1993 and studied film and literature. I directed the shorts Virtual Guard (BAFICI 2019), Hurricane Berta (Asterisco 2020) and several others. I write poetry and also translate it from hebrew and english, currently working on the books of Ellen Bass. I have just won The National Poetry Prize Storni in Argentina, and I tend to express my jewish identity in my work and I love it.I am a LABA-BA fellow.

About Everything is already created

I wrote a set of poems about myself and the jewish year. I think both the land and I need a break. Hope you enjoy them.Everything is already createdYou, methe work of the week,this Shabbat evening.