Barbara Nightingale

About Barbara Nightingale

As a textile artist, I try to re-use, repair, re-discover beautiful fragments of cloth and other found materials to tell stories or record ideas. The processes are often mundane and time consuming, though also potentially healing or meditative, and the final products are vulnerable but engaging.

About Enough

This bowl is made from plant-dyed and re-cycled fabrics. Thousands of stitches give form to the vessel.The 17th century commentator Kli Yakar reasoned that the mitzvah of Shmita was to implant trust in G-d. He said that people seeing that the produce of the sixth year would be enough for three years, would realize their dependence on G-d. Imagine letting go of the belief that you are in control, imagine the faith you would be declaring, and imagine the gratitude you’d express upon recognition of having enough.