Michelle Silverman

About Michelle Silverman

I am a Contemporary Fusion painter and paint most often when the moon is out and the environment around me is quiet. Every day, my art and meditation process is the same. When I enter my studio I turn on the lamps on my tables and easels, each one of them being a lamp from my ancestors. It begins around 4 AM, with a hot cup of tea, candlelight, soft music, my cat Gilmore, and a blank canvas. Inspired by color, emotion, memory, or simply an open mind, I approach the canvas not knowing what the final outcome will be. I paint with the colors that call to me in the moment. I use resin and acrylic paints to pour, drip and brush directly onto Masonite board, metal or canvas and mix them on the surface. The interaction between the paints and the smooth surface creates a dynamic movement of color. My process requires many layers of paint and is not premeditated, allowing for a spontaneous creation that is highly unpredictable. The finished abstract painting allows the viewer to see the images or feelings that speak to them. 

About Chai

For an entire year we are commanded not to focus on our financial growth and the expansion of our assets, but rather we are to focus all of our resources on others. it is with this mindset that Chai, which focuses on life and living, connects to the commandment to give so others may live.