Carny Obscura

Gary Schwartz

About Gary Schwartz

Desperately seeking a way to the other side of the cathode ray tube since 1961. “Magic inspires my art; the something that comes from nothing.”Artist-Animator-Educator Gary Schwartz is an Academy Award nominated filmmaker, award winning animator, director, artist & educator. Mr. Schwartz conducts intensive hands-on Kinetic Visual Storytelling Animation workshops in elementary, middle, high school, under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate, professional training, film festivals, museums, summer camps, community centers, N.G.O.’s, prisons & psychiatric hospitals national & internationally in an environment of creativity, imagination & self-expression conducts intensive hands-on Kinetic Visual Storytelling Animation Workshops . Through his company, Single Frame Films, Gary produced, designed & directed animation for Disney, Sesame Street, MTV, Fox Television, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and others. Mr. Schwartz was a Lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. His kinetic cinema sculptures, installations & films have been exhibited in major museums & galleries internationally.

About Carny Obscura

“CARNY OBSCURA” was created in a condition of a sabbatical rest period for my art practice. Allowing me to focus on the core issue of creative play during a global pandemic. The film is the result of the ability to reflect on that current condition. CARNY OBSCURA: Logic won’t save you at the carnival. Stop-Motion film created in tandem with the 150th Anniversary of Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio. Premier at Carrington Arts Gallery, Saturday, October 16th, 2020231 West Water Street, Sandusky, Ohio. DIRECTOR: Gary Schwartz. SOUND DESIGN: Joseph Clarence Krause. Cedar Point was created 150 years ago to value & support taking time off from work through public carnival entertainment. Sometimes that entertainment goes too far, or not far enough…