Broken Pieces Coming Together

Steevie Parks (Poswolsky)

About Steevie Parks (Poswolsky)

I am a retired Psychologist who has been waiting to devote myself to painting until I was financially ready to retire. As a teenager, I engaged in a multitude of creative activities to cope with anxiety and depression ( much of it seeming to reflect cultural legacies). My father was severely traumatized by his experiences as a combat medic during WWII and these fears and anxieties filtered down to his children. Painting, Singing, Acting and Writing helped me to channel my fears and sadness about the world into something beautiful and life affirming. I always knew that I would paint full time once I was old enough and it was financially safe for me to retire from a more ‘conventional’ career choice.

About Broken Pieces Coming Together

This piece was painted during the initial stages of the Covid Pandemic. It reflects my hope that the pieces of many people’s shattered lives, will slowly and steadily come back together into a newer and stronger design. It also represents to me the process of a slow and steady transformation of the world into a safer and more humanitarian planet for all of it’s inhabitants. In this process much will be lost. However this loss is necessary as we all move forward. What was going through my mind at the time that I painted this piece, was that when we stop pushing ourselves to amass more and more wealth and focus on our inner lives, the natural forces of the universe will continue to move the world forward in a positive direction. The concept of remaining still while allowing the natural forces in the world to take over is similar to what occurs during the Shmita Cycle, when we ‘stop working the fields, and allow the land to rest’. The many colors swirling around a central point, represent the forces in nature that are operating on the world to bring it into a greater state of health, while the center remains still. We need to trust that the land (and it’s people) will heal themselves, and allow ourselves time to repair whatever feels broken inside ourselves. If we feel we have not been diligent in our dealings with others, we need to take time to repair the damage (e.g) paying off debts). Then when the cycle starts anew, we will be free of guilt, and able to move forward with an unfettered conscience.