Carla Stein

About Carla Stein

Carla Stein’s representational imagery dances among abstracted grounds. Her work is created and distilled through the use of glazing, layering, dripping and strong line. Viewers find themselves immersed in stories of their own creation sparked by the high colors and sense of playfulness that emanates from her canvases. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Carla now lives and creates in Nanaimo, B.C. Her formative years were influenced by exposure to classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and she later completed a 3-year Diploma in Fine Art at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. She holds a Masters Degree in Education. An active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Carla has been juried into a variety of exhibitions and her work has been shown in numerous galleries on Vancouver Island, as well as in Vancouver, New York City, and California. Her portfolio demonstrates an eclectic use of media with emphasis on acrylics. She has recently revived an interest in the combined use of pen, ink and watercolor.Enthusiastic collectors own her paintings, and her images have been featured in a number of both print and on-line publications.

About Apples

Although the title of this acrylic painting on canvas is deceptively simple, the idea of apples is a many layered construct that has deep roots in Jewish spirituality as well as in Ashkenazi culture. This painting is part of my exploration of the role trees play in our well-being, sustenance, and support for the non-human species we share the planet with. Its relevancy to Shmita is to serve as a reminder and acknowledgement of the inter-dependency between species and the responsibility we, as human beings, have to be diligent caretakers and stewards of the land.