A Sigil for “Shmita”

Bekah Starr

About Bekah Starr

Kohenet Bekah Starr is a Sacred Artist exploring connections between Jewish Mysticism and the Divine Feminine. She is a witness to the sacredness of all that is life, source, and creation.Bekah is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) offering spiritual support through inspirational artwork and embodied ritual. Bekah’s artwork has been featured by the Jewish Arts Salon, the Every Woman Biennial, WomansWork.Art, Haggadot.com, the Parliament of World Religions, and is held in private collections. She is the illustrator of Hamsas for the Divine Feminine, Illuminating the Moon, & Divining Pleasure: an oracle for SephErotic liberation. She lives with her amazingly supportive husband and their two inspiring children on the lands of the Wappinger First Nation people, also known as the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.

About A Sigil for “Shmita”

A Sigil for “Shmita”! A sigil is a magical symbol used to remind us of a certain way of feeling or being. While there are many ways of crafting sigils, this sigil for “Shmita” was created by combining and reforming the shapes of the letters into an abstract symbol. When you wish to activate this sigil simply trace it with your finger or a yad!