A New Day

Haley Woodrow

About Haley Woodrow

Hi! I’m Haley Woodrow and am an American composer, and adjunct University Music Instructor. I am also fortunate to have a wonderful husband of twelve years and a two year old daughter! When I write my music it’s important to me that my music has a constructive message behind it! My compositions to date have received awards and recognition from the National Band Association, the American Bandmasters Association, and the VLAMO International Composition Contes and have been widely performed throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.I have attended Gateway Church since 2004. What drew me to this particular church was its environment of worship and its teaching on the Bible! One of our core teaching principles is the heritage and rightful place of the chosen Jewish people. Both in the community and also personally, I have done much study on how Jewish people live and why. (I even played at our church’s monthly Jewish service for a couple of years on the trumpet!) Our family has benefitted so much from our growing understanding of the Sabbath and how to rest. I have been praying about taking a sabbatical year, and in my online research I found the Shmita Project.

About A New Day

I have four works currently that have overt Jewish influence. I chose “A New Day” because I felt it fit the project so well, in that my inspiration for it is about entering God’s rest and in doing so – bringing about “a new day”. The following paragraph is sincerely unedited, taken verbatim from the program notes preceding my musical score for the work:”A New Day…as of yet, unseen. A resting place. A celebration. The earliest accounts of the timpani records their use in ancient Jewish religious ceremonies. Similarly, due to its circular shape, the gong has been utilized throughout many traditions and cultures to symbolize a beginning that has no end. Both these instruments are used purposefully and joyfully throughout the piece and highlighted in the percussion feature. It is our responsibility to strive to enter a new day, a better day, and find rest – both immediate and eternal.”Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit this for consideration!
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