A Tale of Two Covenants

(NeoHasid.org): Explore the connection between the covenant of Shmita and the covenant of the Rainbow, given to humanity when Noah and his family left the ark, after the flood waters receded. Both covenants frame sacred relationships between humans, animals, and earth.

The following teaching texts come from the Rainbow Day curriculum, available at
jewcology.com/resource/Rainbow-Day – use the curriculum to incorporate the observance of Rainbow Day
into Shabbat Behar, or into your preparation for Shavuot. Rainbow Day, the 27th of Iyyar, which falls this
year on May 6-7, is the date when Noah’s family and the animals left the ark and received the Rainbow
Covenant.The Rainbow Day curriculum includes wonderful resources for children and for religious school
classes, as well as midrash and art projects on rainbows, songs and advocacy ideas, garden plans, and