The Shmita Prizes

Fine Art

Shmita Shmata

by Ava Rosen || Shmita Shmata 2021 Ava Sayaka Rosen 125”w x 48”h Fabric scraps, rubber-based ink, thread A patchwork piece made from inky shmatas…
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Advance Notice

by Leslie Klein || “Advance Notice” is a fragmentary conceptual garment, a mixed media textile including airbrush, painting, phototransfer and embellishment, on the theme of…
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by Jill Danenberg || A grid was chosen to represent plots of land. The paint overspills its borders, uncontained. Every seventh box is left empty,…
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by Pleasance Silicki || I created this piece in alignment with Shmitta practice, honoring the Netivot that we explore in Kohenet. The Mekonent, the Mourning…
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by Carolyn Pace || This portrait in aquarelles is of my dear friend, Daniel Meer. He became my close friend the first week of College.…
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by Moriel O’Connor || This photo was taken in November 2020 in Talent, Oregon on the ancestral homelands of the Shasta and Takelma peoples. Much…
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by Carla Stein || Although the title of this acrylic painting on canvas is deceptively simple, the idea of apples is a many layered construct…
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