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Shmita Israelit - שמיטה ישראלית

Shmita: A Workplan for the 21st Century Econmy – Aharon Ariel Levi

Let's Talk about Shmita – Rabbi Yedidya (Julian) Sinclair

Shmita in the Bible

Shmita and Our Food

Shmita and Economics


Parshat Behar: Sustainable Farming in the Torah – Emily Freed

The Power of Time Off – Stefan Sagmeister

Shmita and Social Justice in Parashat Re'eh – Dr. Peri Sinclair

Shmita – Rabbi Nate Degroot and SJ Seldin

Shmita In The 21st Century: Why Does It Matter and What Does It Mean? – Nigel Savage

Shmita: Let it Be – Eden Village Camp

Shmita Song – SAR Academy

Seij Años - Jessi Roemer